Top 5 tips for negotiating a better salary


So, you love your job, but you want more money. You put in the hours, do the work and get results. Quite simply, you’re worth it. But how to make that all-important pitch to your boss? Read our top five tips for pulling off that tricky conversation.

1. Relax
Most people will say that their biggest hurdle when negotiating a salary is their own lack of self-confidence. We just hate asking for money! Just remember that negotiations are a completely normal part of business process and you aren’t doing anything wrong by asking. In fact, most employers will be expecting this at some point. If you genuinely think you deserve more pay, be confident. Everyone is entitled to a fair wage.

2. Do Your Research
You know you’re worth more, but how much more? An excellent way to set the stage for your negotiations is to work out the minimum salary you’ll accept, then your upper target. Not sure what to aim for? Research your job role and find out how much others are getting. Salary surveys such as this one by business specialists Michael Page ( can show you how much people get paid on average in your region for a wide range of different job titles and levels of experience. Searching job ads will also give you an idea of the ballpark figure.

3. Prove Your Worth
Now you know what you want, but how do you justify it? Think of the reasons why you’re worth the amount you’re asking for. Consider not just the duties you do, but the things you’ve achieved.  Were you responsible for any successful projects or did you blow your targets out of the water? Have you taken on extra responsibilities lately? Remember to focus on your positives and not other team members’ failings. Be prepared to be your own cheerleader!

4. Do A Test Run
Practise running your case by friends or family who can challenge you and give constructive feedback. Make sure it’s someone who will be honest with your performance – your mum or dad will probably think you’re worth whatever you’re asking without having to be persuaded! The more you practise, the more comfortable you’ll become with your own argument. You’ll also learn to react to tricky questions.

5. Your Bosses Are People Too!
The final thing to bear in mind is that the people you’re trying to persuade are human beings too – they’ll likely have gone through a similar process to reach their own position. If they can afford to pay you more, they probably will – and with the academy-award-winning pitch they’ve just received, how can they refuse? So take a deep breath, put yourself in that confident frame of mind, and start negotiating!

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